Frequently Asked Questions


 Getting Started

If you still aren't sure about cloth diapers and want to learn more about our service, please consider attending one of our Diaper Service Demos. During the demo, you will get to see samples of everything that Ivy’s has to offer. We will show you how to use a cloth diaper and let you practice putting one on. The Demo generally lasts around 45 minutes (depending on how many questions are asked!). This Demo is purely informative and there’s no pressure to sign-up for service. We would just like the opportunity to show you how easy modern reusable diapers have become and how our service makes them even easier.

For those of you who think you might want to purchase and wash your own diapers, then our Cloth Diapering 101 Class is just for you. There is so much information about cloth diapers out there and our goal is to help parents pick through all of it and find the right option for their family. During our class, we will tell you about all of the different types of cloth diapers and accessories and let you touch and practice with all of them (we’ll even tell you how to wash them!). It's a great starting point for parents who are interested in cloth diapers and want to learn a little more.

Visit our Classes page for the times, dates, and locations of our classes and demos or send an e-mail to with any questions you may have. At Ivy's, we just want to advocate for cloth diapering so our classes are purely informational and there is never any obligation to sign up for our service. Diaper Service Demo or Cloth Diapering 101, we don’t care which one you attend, we’re just glad to hear you’re considering cloth!

It’s easy! Don’t worry, there are no more diaper pins and plastic pants these days! Click HERE to see it in action! If you're not a fan of prefolds, All-In-Ones and Fitted Diapers are just as easy as disposables and go on in one, quick step! Click on our Pricing Page to see all of our different options.

Your weekly service charge includes the delivery and laundry of up to 100 cloth diapers in whatever size you need, free Snappis diaper fasteners if you're using prefolds, as well as a reusable pail liner for your diaper pail. If you choose our Ultimate Combo, we'll even include the diaper covers!

There are lots of different kinds of cloth diapers out there and we’ve tested just about all of them. In the end, we decided on unbleached Indian cotton prefold diapers for our standard service. We also offer All-In-One diapers and Fitted Diapers for families looking for an easier cloth diaper option.

Now that you've made the decision to use cloth diapers for your baby, you may be wondering, "What do I REALLY need?" There is so much information out there about cloth diapers and everyone has an opinion about what they believe are the most essential items to cloth diaper. Well, so do we. With our service, you don't need much because we will be bringing you the diapers and pail liner (and we'll be washing them for you!). But, if you want to make sure you have ALL THE THINGS, we've compiled a list, several lists actually, of items we think make cloth diapers a whole lot easier. Click on the "Checklist" link at the bottom of our homepage to see our lists. Have questions about the additional items? Just contact us and we’ll be happy to explain the different accessories to you or plan to attend one of our Diaper Service Demos or Cloth Diapering 101 Classes and see them for yourself.

If you have already created an account our website, you can expect to hear from us about a month before your due date (earlier if you’re expecting twins!) so we can get your First Delivery scheduled. First Delivery is usually 1-2 weeks before an expecting parent’s due date.

No. The only amount of time that is required with our service is four weeks. We do collect payment for your first four deliveries up front and that payment is non-refundable. After your first four deliveries, you can cancel at any time as long as you give us about a week’s notice.

Yes... sort of. We do not have a way for you to register for specific items (i.e., diaper covers, weeks of service, etc.). But we do offer gift certificates! If you add our website to your gift registry, your friends, family, and co-workers can purchase gift certificates for you in any amount they choose. The gift certificates are sent electronically and each one has a unique code, similar to a coupon code. When you receive a gift certificate, you simply input the code into your Ivy’s Diaper Service account and your account is automatically credited for the full purchase price of the gift certificate. You can use your gift certificate for anything we offer from weeks of service to accessories or even to purchase your own cloth diaper stash. We also have some super cute Registry Cards that you can include with your baby shower invitations. Just let us know how many you need and we'll pop some in the mail for you.

We deliver 30 miles in all directions from downtown Charlotte. This includes the entire Charlotte metro area. We go as far north as Mooresville, Concord, and Kannapolis and south to Fort Mill and Rock Hill. Gastonia and Harrisburg are in there as well. Not sure if that includes your area? Just contact us, we’ll be able to tell you. If you are just slightly outside of our free delivery area, we may be able to provide service to you with an additional delivery fee/fuel surcharge added to your weekly charge. If we can find a way to make it work, we will. We can even deliver to a different address or to your workplace if it’s inside our delivery area. Just call or e-mail us and we’ll chat.

The next step is to register on our website and create an account. Your online account portal is the tool you will use to manage your diaper service and control what comes to and from your home each week. It’s also how we know where to deliver your goodies! After you create your account, you’ll be hearing from us about a month before your Little One is scheduled to arrive so we can make sure your diapers arrive before your baby does.

Of course! We are very flexible. If you’re comfortable, you may give us the code to your building and we’ll pick up the diapers outside your door. If you’re not comfortable with that, we can arrange to pick up your diapers at a friend’s house or another predetermined location. Call us! We’ll work it out.

You are probably referring to a study commissioned by Proctor & Gamble (the largest manufacturer of disposable diapers). This “independent” study found that cloth diapers required so much water to wash that they were less environmentally viable than disposables. This is completely false. In fact, that same study conceded that commercial diaper services were the most environmentally friendly way to diaper your child. But amazingly, P&G did not make that part of the study public.

Well, shame on your daycare. We can certainly work something out, but we’d love the opportunity to show your daycare how easy cloth diapering really is. Please don’t give up on cloth simply because your daycare is resistant! We do offer Hybrid Diaper Service options that will provide you with a half-stash of cloth diapers as well as a package of Bambo Nature Disposable diapers each week. This will allow you to keep your child in cloth diapers while at home and also receive a package of disposable diapers to send to day care each week.

Then you certainly have your hands full! We offer 25% off your older child’s diaper service. Please check our Pricing Page for other discounts

We wash your diapers with commercial grade washing equipment using multiple cycles of very hot water and specially formulated detergent. We then dry your diapers using high heat machinery to ensure your diapers are properly sanitized. Each load is tested to make sure the diapers are pH-balanced and ready to wear.

Absolutely not! Our diaper service is the only thing that is required. We offer these other accessories because they are all items that we use and love ourselves. They are available for purchase just to make your life easier. Just add any accessories you’d like to order to your delivery and they will show up in the bag with your diapers.

When your clean diapers arrive at your home, unpack them at your changing station(s) and use the reusable pail liner they arrive in to line the inside of your diaper pail. As you’re changing diapers throughout the week, you’re just putting the dirty diapers back inside our bag. Then, on the morning of your delivery day, lift our pail liner out of your diaper pail (with the dirty diapers inside), zip it up, and put it outside. We will come by, grab your dirty diapers, and replace them with a fresh set of clean ones.

You can leave your diapers wherever it is convenient for you. If it’s possible to find a location that is mostly protected from rain and snow, that is ideal (such as a front porch with an overhang) but not required since our reusable pail liners are completely waterproof.

Our routes are organized based on location so customers cannot choose the day their diapers are delivered. We can always make one-time changes to accommodate special circumstances (travel plans, etc.) but your regular delivery day will be determined based on your location. This helps keep our routes as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.

Sure! If you’re going to be out of town on your delivery day or something has come up and you need to request a special delivery on a different day for some reason, we’re happy to do that. There is a $5.00 delivery fee/fuel surcharge for delivery on a day other than your standard day, but we can certainly make it happen.

We ask the you have your diapers outside by 7:00a.m. on your delivery day (please do not put your diapers out the night before). We cannot tell you exactly when your delivery will arrive, but all of our routes are completed between the hours of 7:00a.m. and 5:00p.m. so it’s a good idea to put them out early in case you happen to be the first delivery on the list.

Please do not put your diapers out the night before. Diapers left outside for an extended period time can attract some unwanted visitors which could damage our diapers. Customers are responsible for any damage to the diapers (or pail liner) as a result of moisture or insects or other critters, so please keep your diapers inside until the morning of your delivery. It’s also a good idea to always make sure your bag is fully zipped up!

Our routes are organized to be as efficient as possible using our delivery software. Routes can change from week to week as new customers come on board and old customers potty train and leave our service. That means we can’t tell you exactly when your delivery will arrive. We can tell you that all of our routes are completed between the hours of 7:00a.m. and 5:00p.m. so there’s no need to worry if it’s lunchtime and your diapers haven’t been delivered yet. Just sit tight, we’ll be there!

We’re all parents ourselves and understand that things happen. If your diapers are not available for pick-up when we arrive, we will knock on your door to try and retrieve them. If there is no answer, we will leave your clean diapers for the week and expect two week's worth of dirty diapers to be left out the following week. We will not make a second trip to your home to retrieve your dirty diapers that week, but you may drop them off at our office if you'd like (though it is not required that you do so). If we arrive the following week and there are no dirty diapers available for pick-up for a second week in a row, we will not be able to leave any clean diapers this time. We will leave a "Missed Delivery" sticky note on your door so you know we were there. It is the customer's responsibility to contact us to schedule an alternate day for service for the week. There will be a $10.00 service charge assessed for our second trip to your home that week. Customers may choose to bring their diapers to us in order to avoid the service charge.

You control everything using the username and password you create when you register on our website. Using your account portal, you can skip deliveries when you’re out of town, change sizes as your baby grows, and add any accessories you’d like to try out. You can also send us an e-mail or give us a call and we’ll be happy to handle any account changes for you if that’s easier.

We can suspend your service for the time you’re gone if you will not be cloth diapering on the road. Login to your account and click on “Skip Deliveries” to enter the dates you will be out of town. Your service will automatically resume once your selected dates have passed. If you would like us to come by to pick-up your dirties during your vacation, we can do that, too. That way you don’t have to worry about storing your dirty diapers while you’re away. We’ve traveled with our cloth diapers (both by car and by plane!) so if you’d like to keep your baby in some fluffy cloth diapers while on vacation but aren’t sure about the logistics, just contact us. We’ll be happy to share some tips and tricks for using cloth diapers away from home. We can share what worked for us and help you figure out how to make it work for your family. If you will be using cloth and will be gone for longer than a week, we can make arrangements to get you the extra diapers your need. Don’t be scared! It’s really not a hard as you might think. Contact us. We’ll help you through it. Customers will be allowed four free vacation/pause in service weeks per calendar year. After the four free yearly vacation pauses have been used, customers will be charged a $10.00 rental fee for the Ivy's Diaper Service items still in their possession while out of town, even if delivery/laundry service is not needed, as those items are unable to be used by another family during that time.

For major holidays, we will let you know our schedule a few weeks in advance. If, for example, Christmas Day falls on your delivery day, we will probably make arrangements to pick up your dirties the next day. You will not be without clean diapers, don’t worry. For inclement weather, you can assume we will be making our regular deliveries unless you hear from us.

You have two options to pay for your diaper service. If you login to your account, then click on Account Options>Modify Your Personal Information, you will be able to choose “Credit Card” or “Check” as your payment method. If you choose credit card (only Visa and MasterCard accepted at this time), you will put in your credit card information and we will take care of charging your account for your service each week. There’s no way for you to run your own card, it has to be done on our end. So, if you’d like us to take care of automatically charging your card, put in your credit card information and your card will be charged every week with no further action needed from you. If you’d rather not have your card charged automatically, then you will select “Check” as your payment method. This method will allow you to set up online bill payment through your bank or mail us personal checks after you receive your monthly invoice.

You can mail checks payable to:
Ivy’s Diaper Service
PO Box 32361
Charlotte, NC 28232

We sincerely hope you only cancel service because your child is potty trained. If you are canceling for any other reason, please let us try to help fix the problem! To cancel, please call or e-mail us with at least one week’s notice. We will schedule your final pick-up after we hear from you. There is a $15.00 Pick-Up & Cleaning Fee for your final pick-up. On the day of your final pick-up, please be sure to leave ALL Ivy’s items (clean and dirty) outside and available for pick up. There is a charge for missing or damaged items. See our Terms and Conditions of Service for the fee schedule for missing and damaged items.

If you have a friend or neighbor who would be willing to leave your diapers out and receive your delivery for you, we’re more than happy to deliver to someone else’s house for you on your delivery day. If you’d rather receive the delivery yourself, then we can change your delivery day for the week. There is a $5.00 Delivery Charge for this service since it is not your standard day, but it can certainly be done!

You are in complete control of your diaper service. Using your online account portal, you can make changes to your diaper service, add accessories (like diaper cream or Wetbags) when you need them, move up in diaper size as your Little One grows, skip deliveries when you’re out of town, and much more! As always, if you have any trouble, just contact us and we’ll be happy to walk you through making the necessary changes to your account or take care of it for you if that’s easier.

We require at least 24 hours notice to make any changes to an order. When it’s the day before your delivery, our employees are busy packing bags and loading them up for delivery the next day. That is why our system doesn’t allow you to make any changes that close to your delivery day. You can call or e-mail us and we will do our best to accommodate your request. However, we can’t guarantee any changes that are made past the cut-off. Once bags are packed and loaded up, we simply can’t make any changes. If requests are made past the cutoff, you may still be charged your weekly service charge.

Just contact us! There is no way for you to schedule that on your own, it has to be done on our end. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail a couple of days before your delivery day and we can take care of that for you. We’ll come by and pick up your dirty diapers and leave you an empty bag to hold your dirties during the next week. You will still be charged your regular weekly fee (because we'll still be picking up and washing your dirty diapers and you've still got a full week's worth of clean ones still at home!), but we're happy to come by so you're not so overloaded with diapers. You are also always welcome to toss any extras you have at home in with your dirty diapers (or put them in a separate bag attached to the outside of your dirty diaper bag) and we'll get them off your hands.

No! The diapers come to you completely sanitized and ready to wear. In fact, we ask that you do NOT wash our diapers for any reason. There is a bit of an art to washing cloth diapers and we prefer to be the only ones washing Ivy’s diapers. Home washing can often lead to staining and absorbency problems. A diaper that is not properly pH balanced can also cause diaper rash in some babies. Just leave your diapers outside, we’ll take care of the dirty work! We do ask that, once your baby has started solid foods, you "flip" the poop. All that means is taking the diaper to the toilet, flipping any solid waste into the toilet, and then tossing it in your pail. But there's definitely no rinsing or swishing or swirling or any of that. Just flip and toss! Whatever comes off, comes off. Whatever doesn't, doesn't. We'll take care of the rest.

Please don’t. We have a structured regimen for washing and drying our diapers. We follow strict procedures to make sure that all of our diapers are clean, sanitized, pH balanced, and ready to wear. Home washing can often lead to staining and absorbency problems. A diaper that is not properly pH balanced can also cause diaper rash in some babies. We believe we have perfected our process and we’d prefer that our diapers only be washed at our office.

All of our diapers have a suggested weight range to fit babies of a certain size. We’ve found that the weight ranges are a good starting point, but it often has a lot more to do with the body type of the baby rather than the suggested weight range. There are two signs you can look for to make sure that you have the correct size for your baby. The first clue that it might be time to move up is if you’re really having to tug to get the sides of the diaper to overlap so you can properly attach the fastener and get the diaper completely around your baby’s waist. There should be plenty of overlap at your baby’s hips. If there’s not enough overlap, it’s probably time to move up. The second clue that it might be time to move up in diaper size is if you suddenly start having leaking problems. A good rule of thumb with cloth diapers is that, generally speaking, bigger is better. If you find that you’re having leaking problems, your baby’s bladder is probably putting out more than your current diaper size can handle. A bigger diaper has more cotton which translates to more absorbency and fewer diaper changes - yahoo! If you’re not sure if you’re completely ready to move up, no problem. We can send you a few of the bigger size or even half and half if you want to test out a bigger size. Just contact us and we can get everything set up for you.

Of course! Baking soda is completely cloth diaper safe, so feel free to sprinkle some baking soda directly in your diaper pail (right on top of your diapers) to help alleviate any odor issues. We also recommend giving EcoSprout Pail Freshener a try. It’s significantly more powerful than baking soda (and smells great!). Use it just like baking soda and sprinkle it right on top of your diapers or in the hanging cup at the top of your pail if you purchased one of our diaper pails. All of these products are great and go a long way toward helping your diaper pail stay fresh.

Yes. Any cream with a high concentration of zinc oxide will stain our diapers. You will also need to avoid any creams that contain cod liver oil or any petroleum based products (like Vaseline). Cod liver oil is used as a moisture barrier in some diaper creams. The problem is that the cod liver oil will rub off on our diapers and prevent them from absorbing. Not a good deal for a diaper! Need some recommendations for a cloth friendly cream? Just contact us and we’ll share our favorites.

No problem! If you are able to find a dry spot to leave your diapers, our delivery drivers will certainly appreciate it. But, if that’s not possible at your home, it’s no big deal. Our delivery bags are completely waterproof so as long as you remember to completely zip up your bag - which you should do if it’s raining or not! - your diapers will be completely protected from the elements.

Ahhhhhh, always a popular question. Many people are nervous about this because they are remembering the horror stories from their grandparents about having to dunk cloth diapers in the toilet and scrape, swish, and swirl them around to get the solid waste off the diaper. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do that! In fact, for as long as your baby is on an exclusively liquid diet (whether it be breast milk, formula, or a combination of the two) you do absolutely nothing. Simply change your baby’s diaper and toss it in your diaper pail. Around 4-6 months or whenever you choose to start giving your baby solid foods, your baby’s poop will also become solid. At that point you do have to “flip” the poop. All that means is when your baby has a bowel movement, you simply take the diaper to the bathroom, “flip” the solid waste into the toilet, and flush it away. Don’t scrape. Don’t dunk. Don’t swish. Just flip off what you can and toss the diaper in your pail. We’ll take care of the rest. If that part of cloth diapering makes you cringe, it is important to note that the majority of disposable diaper packages ask families to do the same thing (read the fine print!). It’s just that nobody does it, unfortunately. From an environmental standpoint, when you throw away a disposable diaper not only are you throwing away plastics and chemicals and lots of other nonsense, you’re also throwing away a whole bunch of untreated human waste. Human waste is not supposed to go in the ground. Human waste is supposed to go in the toilet where it can be treated and released appropriately. So, please, flip the poop regardless of the type of diaper you choose to use! If you’re having trouble flipping, feel free to request some samples of our amazing diaper liners. They are wonderful for helping with the “flipping” part of cloth diapers.

If you're using prefold diapers, the first thing to check is to make sure that you have your fastener pulled nice and tight. Don’t worry about hurting your baby! There is lots of soft cotton between your baby and the fastener so you won’t hurt your baby. Pulling the Snappi nice and snug goes a long way toward making sure that everything stays inside the diaper and doesn’t leak out onto your baby’s clothes - or you! You also want to check and make sure that ALL of the cloth is tucked inside the cover. If you have even the tiniest bit of cloth sticking out of the cover, the moisture from the diaper will wick onto your baby’s clothes - and you. Check the legs and the back to make sure there’s no cloth showing. Those are the two most common mistake made when putting a cloth diaper on a baby. If it’s nighttime that’s causing you problems, you may need more absorbency. You might consider doubling up on diapers or trying out our hemp doubler service or fitted diaper service for that added nighttime absorbency with a much trimmer fit. We’d be happy to send you a couple of samples of our help doublers to try out if you want to test drive them and see if they work for you. We’ve got all sorts of tips for handling leaks, just contact us if you have any questions or need some guidance. Sometimes a simple switch in diaper type can help get a better fit for your little one.

Please don’t use our diapers for anything other than diapering. If your baby has just spit up all over the floor and the closest thing to you is one of our diapers, go ahead and wipe it up. If it comes from your baby, it’s fair game for the most part. So, using our diapers as burp cloths when needed is okay. However, please do NOT use our diapers to dust your furniture or wash your windows! Our diapers go right up against babies’ most sensitive areas. We certainly can’t reuse a diaper on a baby that has been covered in cleaning products as that wouldn’t be safe for the baby. If you need some cleaning rags, grab some of our Bag O' Rags to use for that. Please don’t use our diapers for that purpose. Our diapers should be used for just that: diapering. If we do find that you are using our diapers for purposes other than diapering, you will be responsible for replacing any damaged diapers due to inappropriate use.

We do! We are a one-stop shop for all of your diapering needs. Whether you plan to use our diaper service or purchase your own cloth diapers to wash at home, we’ve got you covered. Our cloth showroom (5100 Reagan Drive, Suite 4) has a wide variety of cloth diapers. Come see us and we’ll help you get started with cloth. All of our employees are very knowledgeable about cloth diapers and will be on-hand and available to answer any of your questions and let you get your hands on some diapers. Our consultant is in the office between 9:30-3:30 on most weekdays and would be happy to meet with you, just let us know when you'd like to come in for an appointment. Appointments during regular business hours are always free! Weekend and evening classes require a registration fee. We know those are limited hours, but our employees are all moms and our families come first! Plus, we are primarily a delivery service, so we come to you! You can order anything you need (that includes diapers!) and we’ll bring them right to your door. Orders over $35.00 will receive FREE delivery so you can shop local and support our small business without leaving your home. We’re often in the office well before and long after those hours (there’s always work to be done!). If you want to stop by, feel free to give us a call and see if we’re in the office. We probably will be.

Yes! With our Wash My Stash service, we will come to your home (or you can come to us!), pick up your dirty diapers, wash them for you, and return them to you clean and ready to wear. This allows families to use any brand/type/style of cloth diaper and still avoid the dirty work! Wash My Stash is great when you need a deep clean of your diapers, are dealing with ammonia odors or barnyard and need your diapers stripped, or just need a break from diaper laundry. We’ve got you covered!

Absolutely! We have a wide variety of products available for sale. From cloth diapers to wetbags to baby care and creams and other accessories, we are a one-stop shop for all of your diapering and baby needs! You can create an account and order anything you need and we will bring it right to your door. Orders over $35.00 will even receive FREE delivery. Orders under $35.00 are subject to a $5.00 delivery fee. If you're just ordering something small and don't want to pay for delivery, give us a call or e-mail. We'll be happy to ship it out to you so you can still shop local! You are also welcome to come see us. Everything you see online is what is in stock at our retail location (5100 Reagan Drive, Suite4). Feel free to come visit us and pick-up what you need.