Need a break from diaper laundry?  Let us do YOUR dirty work. 

Have you already made the financial and environmental (maybe even emotional?!?) investment in your own personal stash of cloth diapers?  Great!  Our primary goal here at Ivy's has always been to advocate for cloth diapers, so we are thrilled to hear that your little one has a happy butt in her very own cloth diapers!  

Owning your own stash of cloth diapers comes with an additional investment: time. But it doesn't have to.

Imagine this: Your own personal stash of cloth diapers, picked up, washed, and re-deliveried clean, stripped and ready to wear.

Believe us when we say we know that diaper laundry isn't always easy.  Sometimes there's just not enough time in the day to do diaper laundry.  Sometimes you've been so busy running around doing everything else you need to do that diapers just end up sitting and sitting and sitting.  Sometimes the kids are sick and dirty diapers are just something you can't deal with.  Sometimes YOU are sick and just getting everyone fed and out the door is all you can handle.  And, let's be honest... sometimes you just don't feel like doing laundy.

We invite you to take a break.

Our new Wash My Stash (WMS) service will make it possible for all cloth diapering families to enjoy the convenience of everything Ivy's Diaper Service has to offer.

With our Wash My Stash service, you can use any style, type, or brand of cloth diaper available on the market.  You just don't have to do the laundry.  Let us take care of that for you.  We think everyone deserves a break from diaper laundry now and then.

Wash My Stash: How It Works 

Every customer who uses our "Wash My Stash" service will need an Ivy's Diaper Service account so the first step is to register and create one.  You will need to add the service to your account so we know you want us to show up!  Please read below to see how to schedule your delivery service or contact us anytime you have questions and we can set it up for you.


Want us to take care of washing and stripping your cloth wipes, extra inserts, and other diapering accessories as well?  No problem!  In addition to your diapers, we will be happy to wash any diapering accessories as well (cloth wipes, doublers, extra inserts, wetbags, etc.).  There is no additional fee for any "Add-Ons" you leave out with your diapers. Each week you will be charged a flat $25 for everything we wash.


Delivery Service 

We don't know you want us to come pick up your stash unless you tell us by placing an order.  Once you create your Ivy's Diaper Service account, you will be automatically assigned to a pre-determined delivery day based on where you live.  Your delivery address will determine your delivery day.

Then you decide if you want to set up Wash My Stash as a weekly recurring option (we'll be there every single week without fail!) or just a one-time service.  Pick your preferred option and schedule it for the date of your choosing.

That's it.  We will do the rest.

On the morning of your delivery day, just leave your diapers outside. We will come by and pick them up. After we pick up your diapers we will return them on the same day the following week. It doesn't get any easier than that.

Still have questions?  

Visit our Contact Us page and ask away