"The entire Ivy’s Diaper Service organization is simply fantastic.  From in home tutorials on cloth diapering, to timely responses to all of our (hundreds) of questions about diapering, the team at Ivy’s couldn’t be any better.  The service is convenient, affordable, eco-conscious, and reliable.  It should be something that anyone considering cloth diapering should explore.  Their website and account management is user friendly and flexible allowing customers to modify, stop, or start delivery at the click of a button.  We’d recommend Ivy’s to anyone, from those who are interested in cloth diapering but don’t want to commit to the expense of building up their own stash (or doing their own laundry), to those who want to keep cloth diapering for the long haul."  Gordon O.


"Ivy's Diaper Service is the best.  I'm probably one of the few

people who has tried another service and can honestly say that Ivy's is a wonderful organization with wonderful products and people.  Always willing to go the extra mile to help it's customers (and friends of customers doing the cloth diaper thing on their own) Ivy's Diaper Service gets an A+ in my book.  Go local, go green, go with Ivy's Diaper Service!"

Sarah W. 

"I have always been passionate about cloth diapers but when we found out we were having twins I thought disposable diapers were going to be my only option. I was THRILLED when my husband found Ivy's Diaper service! With Ivy's we were able to reap all the benefits of cloth diapering while letting someone else do all the 'dirty work.' Thank you, Ivy's! We wouldn't have survived the first few months without you."          Leslie C.

"We love cloth diapers and Ivy's makes them so easy and for nearly the same cost as disposables. As a new mother with many things on my mind, diapers is one thing I don't have to worry about. Ivy's Diaper Service makes it seem like we have an infinite supply of diapers. Not only are cloth diapers 'green,' but I think they are the best for my baby since we've never had an issue with diaper rash."          Becca K.






"Ivy's Diaper Service makes cloth diapering SO simple! Our Ivy's diapers have traveled with us from Pawley's Island, SC to Boston, MA, and all the way to Austin, Texas! Ivy's has enabled us to seamlessly use cloth diapers, no matter where we travel. The best part of using cloth diapers? Will has already started to potty train himself at 18 months! We love Ivy's and truly don't know how we would make it without their service and their always helpful, very friendly staff!" 

                                                     Christie M.

"My husband and I knew from the very beginning we wanted to use cloth diapers, but I wasn’t very thrilled about having to do extra laundry or the cost of starting a cloth diaper collection for that matter...then we found Ivy’s Diaper Service!  It’s the best of both worlds- my son gets all the benefits of using cloth diapers, such as less risk of diaper rash and irritations from chemicals, without me having to do so much dirty work.  Of course saving money is nice, too.  After doing a little math we found Ivy’s Diaper Service to be less expensive than what it would cost to buy disposables, and babies that wear cloth diapers generally potty train earlier as well, yet another way to cut cost over the long term. It also feels good to know we are helping keep trash out of landfills, thus creating a more beautiful world for our child and future generations.   Lastly, we love to by local and support a small business. The staff at Ivy’s is fantastic! When my son was born he was a little bigger than we expected and the newborn size we chose to start with didn’t fit, but they came to our rescue and brought us the correct size that day!   We have been customers since October 2011 and will be until the day our boy is out of diapers for good. We like to tell people we have a magic diaper fairy that comes to whisk away the week’s dirty diapers in the morning and *poof* fresh clean diapers are on the doorstep when we come home from work...Our fairy's name is Ivy’s Diaper Service and you will love her too!"          RiSha M.

"Annabelle loves Ivy's Diaper Service! She has enjoyed a healthy, clean, environmentally friendly, cost effective alternative to disposable diapers. She's super comfortable. The cotton maximizes absorbancy keeping her smelling fresh and dry. You owe it to your planet and your baby to choose the only obvious diaper option, Ivy's Diapers!!!"

Julie S.

"We love Ivy's Diapers! Ruth came home from the hospital with a nasty diaper rash and cloth diapers were the only cure! We are so glad we are going green too- thank you Ivy's!!"

Sloan C.

If you are a past or present customer and would like to add your Ivy's testimonial to our page, send your comments and photos to info@ivysdiaperservice.com.